Not Mama (Cartoon)

My mom: "Hello! Is anyone home?"Emerson: "Is that you Mama?" My mom: "No, I'm not Mama. She's my daughter actually."Selby: "Who's out there, Emerson? I thought I heard Mama." My mom: "Sorry Selby, I'm not Mama. But people often say we sound alike."Selby: "Oh."Emerson: "..." Selby: "..." My mom: "..."Emerson: "Do you think you could let us out, Not Mama?" Selby: "Yes. I've been staring at the door for an hour but it won't open. I guess my Jedi skills aren't strong enough yet."


One response

  1. Great cartoon. We hope your “Not Mama” let you out.
    Bella and DiDi


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