Puppy Karma (cartoon)

Xerxes gets ready for a napSelby introduces herselfXerxes makes a wishSelby and Xerxes setlle in for a napEmerson introduces himselfSelby makes a wish. Xerxes laughs to himselfEmerson and Selby settle in for a napAda introduces herself to Emerson. Ada is very talkative.Selby laughs. Emerson tells her not to say I told you so.

2 responses

  1. […] The Ides of March are silly March 15, 2012 Posted by mareserinitatis in engineerblogs.org, links, pets. Tags: engineerblogs, engineerblogs.org, Gigadog trackback Normally this post would be reserved for letting you know that my latest post is up over at Engineer Blogs. ¬†However, before you head over there, I’d like you to stop by My Dog Said, where Gigadog has been cartoonified in Puppy Karma. […]


  2. We love this! It is so true!
    Bella and DiDi


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