Exercise Advice

Lord Dormir: Boy, you look tired Kari. You should sit down in bed and pet the cat.

Me: I am tired. I’ve been exercising at the gym so my muscles are really sore too.

Emerson: Exercise? Why would you want to do that? *yawn*

Me: Well, I’m trying to strengthen and tone my arms and increase my stamina so I can do a 10K race in May.

Lord Dormir: If you need to work on your arms, you might considering petting the cat a little more often.

Emerson: I like to exercise a little bit. There’s nothing like a nice game of tag in the backyard with Selby. But anything that makes you this tired can’t be good for you.

Lord Dormir: I agree. Forget about this “Jim” person and stay home to pet me tomorrow. And if you really need to increase your stamina, how about walking downstairs and putting some food in my dish?

Me: I will consider your suggestions.

Lord Dormir: You mean you will ignore them, as usual?

Me: Pretty much.

One response

  1. Miss Ada used to sit at the top of the steps and waits for me while I run. Now she just does it when she hears the treadmill stop. She has the most pitiful look on her face. Something like, “Why are you down there making all that noise when you could be up here playing with *ME*?!”


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