Selby: OMG , look what I found in the yard!

Selby has a very big stick

Emerson: What have you got there? Give it to us!

Emerson sees the stick

Selby: No! It’s mine; I found it!

Selby thinks Emerson is trying to steal her giant stick

Emerson: Look, it’s big enough for both of us. Let’s both have it.

Selby: Okay.

Emerson and Selby decide to share the stick

Me: One stick to rule them all; one stick to find them; one stick to bring them all & in the darkness bind them.

Emerson: Mama, you’re so silly.

Selby: My precious…

**Original post from September 24, 2011


One response

  1. We love finding branches in the yard! Good job Emerson and Selby.
    Bella and DiDi


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