Me: Selby! Emerson! Time to come inside!

Emerson: Okay! I’m coming Mama! *gallumphgallumphgallumph*

Selby: Awwwww, five more minutes!

Me: Nope, it’s time for bed.

Selby: Alright FINE. But first I’m going to walk slowly over to the other side of the yard to chase that squirrel.

…THEN I’m going to run back over to this side of the yard & sniff this patch of grass right here.

…And THEN I will walk as slowly as I possibly can until I get to the door. So there.

**Original post from September 16, 2011


One response

  1. We never want to come in from our yard. It is our favorite place. We understand Selby and Emerson’s hesitation. Just remember the kibble is almost always in the house. That is a good reason to go inside.

    Bella and DiDi


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