Water Dog

Me: Hey guys! This is my friend’s Newfoundland puppy, Ada. She’s going to be staying with us for the weekend.

Emerson: That’s great! Hi Ada! We can play in the yard and nap in the living room and play in the yard some more and nap in the bedroom and then play in the yard again and then nap in the dining room! We’re going to have so much fun!

Ada: *sniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniffsniff*

Ian: You certainly are a sniffy dog, Ada!

Ada: There are a lot of smells in your house! *sniffsniffsniffsniff* I smell water! I LOVE water!

Emerson: I love water, too! *laplaplap*

Ada: That’s great – but this is the smallest pool I’ve ever seen! I can barely fit my front legs in it! I guess I’ll just spread the water on the floor & lay in it instead.

Emerson: Um… I meant I love to DRINK water.

Selby: *facepaw*

Ian: We’re going to need a lot more towels in here.

**Original post from August 27, 2011

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