Entertainment is all about finding the right audience

Fly: Buzzzbuzzzbuzzzz

Emerson: OMG that is so annoying! I will get you, Fly! *snap*

Fly: HAHHAHAHA you will never catch me, I am too quick for you!

Emerson: *snap* Gotcha!

Fly: Hahaha missed me.

Emerson: *snap* Gotcha?

Fly: HAHAHA nope! Oh look, another dog to annoy! *flies over to Selby* Buzzbuzzbuzz.

Selby: Meh. *ignores fly*

Fly: OK, you are boring. I’m going back over to Emerson.

**Original post from August 15, 2011

One response

  1. haha. I can see dogs and flies do that. Please swing by my blog to check out my funny stories.


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