Who’s selfish?

Lord Dormir: Hi Kari, what are you doing?

Me: Playing games on my phone.

Lord Dormir: I’m going to have a nap while you do that.

Me: Okay.

Lord Dormir: *climb* *shuffle* *circle* *knead* *cuddle*

Me: Mrrrph mmphhmmrrrrphhh mph mrm phrmph mphm mm mrmrph phrmphrm.

Lord Dormir: What?

Me: I said you’re laying on my face & I can’t breathe.

Lord Dormir: Well I just got comfortable, but if it’s such a big deal, I’ll move.

Me: Thank you.

Lord Dormir: You humans are so selfish.

This is a picture of Lord Dormir using my face as a pillow

**Original post from August 6, 2011

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