Lord Dormir, world’s cleanest stuffed cat

Lord Dormir: *licklicklick*
Daughter: *waking up* What is that noise?!
Lord Dormir: *licklicklick*
Daughter: Are you seriously taking a bath in my stuffed animal box?
Lord Dormir: Maybe.
Daughter: Your back leg is still sticking straight up in the air.
Lord Dormir: Well, I was just…look, I don’t have to explain myself to you.
Daughter: *blink*
Lord Dormir: Okay yes I was…..Don’t judge me.
Daughter: Oh I’m judging you. Also, I am totally telling Mama about this.
Lord Dormir: But she’ll put it on the blog and everyone will know!
Daughter: Maybe next time you will choose your bath location a little more carefully.
Lord Dormir: Touche.


2 responses

  1. kelleysbreakroom | Reply

    This is so funny! Love the name “Lord Dormir”, too. Ha! Doesn’t “dormir” mean to sleep in Spanish? I’m quick, right? I guess the name is obvious! (Thanks for linking this up to #findingthefunny last week!)


    1. It’s French apparently, but does mean “sleep”. (I wouldn’t know myself, as I took Latin, but my husband took French and he gets to name all of our cats :)


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