Me: *reading*
Emerson: WOOF.
Me: What was that about?
Emerson: I thought I heard something outside. WOOF. I need to go outside and investigate. WOOF WOOF.
Me: Okay.
Emerson: *runs outside* WOOF. WOOF WOOF WOOF. WOOF.
Me: Emerson, come back inside. You’ll annoy all the neighbors!
Emerson: It’s okay Mama, I scared them away.
Me: Scared what away?
Emerson: The Dementors.
Me: Emerson I didn’t see anything out there. I am pretty sure it was just the wind.
Emerson: Of course you didn’t see anything Mama. Muggles can’t see Dementors.
Me: Of course. But what if they come back? I can’t do magic so I won’t be able to conjure a Patronus.
Emerson: It’s okay Mama. I will be your Patronus.


2 responses

  1. You cant see dementors but you can speak to dogs, thats good enough. haha.


  2. […] The sound is coming from the sky. WOOF It must be Dementors again. WOOF WOOF. Don’t worry Mama. I will sit in front of you and protect you from the Dementors. […]


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