Time travel

Me: OMG it’s 7:45 on Wednesday; I completely forgot about your guitar lesson!
Son: Oh no! I can’t believe we both forgot and I missed my lesson!
Me: I am so embarrassed. *texts apology to guitar teacher*
Son: Wait a minute…
Me: …it’s Tuesday, isn’t it?
Son: Yes it is.
Me: So your guitar lesson is tomorrow.
Son: Yes it is.
Me: *facepalm*
Emerson: OMG Selby did you hear that?
Selby: Yes.
Emerson: Do you realize what this means?
Selby: Yes. Mama is losing her mind.
Emerson: NO. Don’t be ridiculous. It was Wednesday, and then she made it so it was Tuesday! Mama can TIME TRAVEL!
Selby: Yes, because that is obviously more sensible that Mama being a space cadet.
Emerson: Wait. A. Minute. Mama can travel through time AND space? That means she’s like that Doctor the family is always watching on the TV. WOAH.
Selby: *facepaw*

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  1. Haha, this is great :)


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