Me: Selby! Emerson! Time for lunch!
Emerson: I’m here! I’m sitting politely waiting for my food, just like you taught me!
Me: Yes you are. Good boy! Where’s Selby?
Selby: I am thirsty. *laplaplapgulpslurplaplaplap*
Me: Well, I guess we will start without Selby. *dishes up food* Here you go Emerson!
Emerson: *still sitting*
Me: What’s the matter?
Emerson: I can’t eat yet because Selby isn’t here. It is rude to start eating before everyone has their food.
Selby: Yeah Mama, don’t you have any manners? Sheesh. *BUUUUUURP* People are so rude sometimes. *wipes face on my lap*


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