Emerson meets Puppy

Emerson: Oh boy, Mama, I LOVE being at the Dog Bath Place with you! There’s always so many people and dogs to say hello to!
Me: I’m glad you like it. Lucky for you it will be a busy day so I won’t have time to give you a bath.
Emerson: Oh boy, now I like it even better!
Me: Emerson, our first appointment is a small puppy named Harley. Be sure you play nice with him.
Emerson: I will. I promise!

Mountain in the middle of the floor

Harley: What is this mountain doing in the middle of the floor?

I'm not a mountain, I'm a Mountain Dog.

Emerson: I am not a mountain. I am a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Puppy looks up at Emerson

Harley: You are much bigger than me but I don't mind. Let's play!

Emerson agrees to play

Emerson: Okay! I like to play!!

Puppy wins

Harley: Hahaha I got you! I win!

Me: That is just too cute to be allowed.

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