New coat

Me: Lord Dormir I got you a new coat like I promised!
Lord Dormir: Oh, hairball. I was hoping you would forget about that.
Me: Well… I didn’t. So, here it is! This one is orange so it will go nicely with your fur, and there are no unflattering stripes.
Lord Dormir: Ugh, it’s really… stiff. I don’t suppose THIS one is actually made for cats?
Me: Um, no. There wasn’t much selection at the store I’m afraid. I guess most people don’t buy clothes for their cats.
Lord Dormir: Ugh. Why couldn’t I have chosen one of THOSE people instead?
Me: Too late to change your mind now. Just remember I wouldn’t be doing this if you didn’t leave hairballs all over the house when your hair is long.



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