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What’s that?

Emerson: Hey Mama, whatcha got there?
Me: It’s a blog I made for posting our conversations.
Selby: Why do you want to do that?
Me: Because people keep telling me I need to share them. So I thought a blog was a pretty good idea.
Sir Oliver: And did you ever think maybe you should ask our permission before sharing our words on the internet?
Me: Um…
Sir Oliver: Hmm? I didn’t think so.
Me: I…
Selby: Hey, give Mama a break. She means well.
Emerson: Yeah, Sir Oliver, don’t be so serious. Mama loves us. She can’t help it if people think we’re funny.
Lord Dormir: Maybe we’ll even become famous! People everywhere will love us!
Sir Oliver: Great, just what we need. More strangers.
Emerson: Don’t be such a downer.



Sir Oliver: =-.-=

Me: …

Sir Oliver: =-.o=

Me: …

Sir Oliver: =o.o= …

Me: …

Sir Oliver: =ō.ō=


Sir Oliver: That blanket. I need to be under it. Obviously.

Me: I have never seen an animal stare so loudly before.

Sir Oliver: It is an art.

Things Mountain Dogs Know

Me: Selby! Emerson! Go outside?

Selby: Alright, I guess so.

Emerson: Um, duh. Of course I want to go outside! When do I ever NOT want to go outside?

Me: Good point.

Emerson: OMG! Mama. There’s snow on the ground again! *lick lick lick*

Me: What are you doing?

Emerson: *lick lick lick* Eating the snow, of course! It’s WATER you can CHEW! Like eating and drinking at the same time! It’s amazing.

Me: Xerxes always used to do that too. How do you know it’s good to eat?

Emerson: Mama, it’s just something that every mountain dog knows. Like how to roll in the grass, or how to be pretty.

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