What time is it?

Lord Dormir: Kari thank goodness you are home!
Sir Oliver: It’s about time. Did you drive home by way of Canada or what?
Me: Well I had to stop at the store first to get cough medicine for Son and a few other things.
Sir Oliver: Well, I have been twitching my tail here for 30 minutes wondering where in the catnip you have been. Honestly, you are so selfish.
Lord Dormir: So anyway, this is the way to my food dish. Follow me.
Sir Oliver: No, THIS is the way to MY food dish. Follow ME.
Me: Well, why don’t you two play rock paper scissors or something while I put this stuff away.
Lord Dormir: Kari you know we don’t have fingers and thumbs so obviously that game is impossible for us to play.
Sir Oliver: Yes, it would just be rock rock rock, and that’s pretty pointless.
Me: So is nagging me to follow you when you know it’s Daughter who feeds you.
Lord Dormir: Well, I never.
Sir Oliver: The insults never end.

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