Sir Oliver: =o.o=
Ian: Hello Sir Oliver!
Sir Oliver: Your blanket. I need to be under it with you.
Ian: But I’m not under the blanket. I’m sitting on top of it.
Sir Oliver: I will forgive your oversight if you let me under your sweatshirt.
Ian: I’m not wearing a sweatshirt either. Just a t-shirt.
Sir Oliver: =ò.ó=
Ian: Sorry.
Sir Oliver: I cannot accept your meager apologies. Obviously you will require additional training. I never have this difficulty when Kari is in the bed.
Ian: That’s probably because Kari is always cold and I am always warm. Why are you sticking your head in my armpit?
Sir Oliver: I am trying to make do with what’s available.
Ian: Well, it’s kind of awkward.
Sir Oliver: You should have thought about that when you decided not to be under the blanket.

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